UFASTA endorses Dr. Allan Craigie for UNA Board

September 5, 2014 Jodine Perkins Uncategorized

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Dear UFASTA members,

The University Neighbourhood Association (UNA) election is coming up on Sept 24th. The UNA is the governance body for the campus residential communities. They make decisions around infrastructure (roads, parking, composting…) as well as cultural and recreational services offered to residents of Hawthorn, Wesbrook, Hampton, Chancellor and East Campus. Currently there is no representation of faculty and staff renters on the UNA board.

UFASTA member Allan Craigie is running for a position on the UNA board of directors.  Allan lives in faculty and staff housing at Hawthorn Place with his wife Melissa and his children Alanna and Ewan. We believe that Allan will best represent the interest of UFASTA members and we encourage you to vote for him during this important election.

Click here for more on what Allan proposes to do on the UNA board!

Anyone who is a UNA resident, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, can vote in the UNA election.  If you have received a UNA ballot in the mail, please remember to vote before 24 September.  If you have not received a UNA ballot in the mail, please contact Allan at Allan4UNA@gmail.com to arrange for a voter registration form and ballot to be brought to you before 24 September.  UNA elections often have a low turnout, so every vote really counts!

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