Who we are

UBC faculty, staff and their families living on campus in rental properties owned by UBC, managed by Village Gate Homes.

Our mission

To be active participants in fostering an appealing and sustainable community on campus for UBC faculty, staff and their families.


Chair: Tara Ivanochko, Dahlia
Vice President/President Elect: Corrine Larson
Secretary: Jodine Perkins/ Aaron Loehrlein, Dahlia
Treasurer: Navin Ramankutty
Communications: Charles Krzysik

House Representatives

Azalea: vacant
Cascara: Mike Kisinger
Dahlia: Paul Keeling
Gardenia: Andrew McFarlane
Larkspur: Ingrid Dueck / Leonor von Baer
Nobel: Graham Entwistle
Sumac: Allan Craigie / Melissa Johnson
Tamarack: Eagle Glassheim / Amy Vogel
Magnolia: Krystal Kirchen

Design Committee

Karen Boley
Graham Entwistle
Brad Powers
Corinne Larson

Safety Committee

Donna Kaye

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